An Open Letter…

Dr. Lasha Darkmoon’s eagerly awaited second installment of “Goodbye, America!” has been posted over at The Occidental Observer.

I agree with it “almost” wholeheartedly. I have a few reservations, to which I have invited the good Doctor to respond. They are included in the “open letter” that follows:

Dr. Darkmoon,

I read your second installment to Goodbye America! with much interest.
Having “heard the call” myself, of awakening people to the evils of judaism and answering it
with the ruminations on my website, I bow to the clout that your opinions have
on the internet. For the most part, you do us all a great deal of service with your eloquent style
and no-BS dissection of the jewish philosophy. These are all things the world needs to hear.
In particular, you have lifted a few veils with your revelations concerning the
Frankfort School and their disgusting influence in the world.
This is important stuff. Congratulations and thank you for getting it out there!

However, to my mind, you can undo all the good you are accomplishing by
pursuing this thinly veiled racism and bigotry of “white European” culture in America, that you
proudly taut as the ideal. Your inclusion of black versus white crime is not worthy
of your obvious intellect. It is the gut reaction of someone that, as I pointed out in a recent
article(and DAMN I hate quoting myself as Ayn Rand was wont to do), spent their
childhood in an exclusively white neighborhood and succumbs to such nostalgia for
a world that never really existed on the whole, outside of their childish memories.

The fact that jews are almost wholly responsible for bringing the African people to our shores, for
their short-term profit IS important to note. However, how they have used this in their
designed racial tension must be clearly seen as what it is: destruction of unity against them, through engineered racial
strife. Period. Our racial barriers are encouraged and accomplished mostly by the jew himself through his
media,not neccesarily by any inherent natural disharmony.

This has ALWAYS been a multicultural nation. And I believe we have all benefited by it having been so. If you can’t see
that, then I am afraid you are playing into the hebrew trap that has been set for you.
The amount of horrible white-on-black crime that has gone on in this nation for 200 years unreported is, as I am sure you
will agree,much larger in comparison and could easily be cited by someone with an entirely different point to prove.

But that isn’t the point. What is the point, which you DO make, is that
jewish influence has purposely stimulated such race violence and discontentment.
Divide and conquer. This along with the myth that jews are a “race” (that the ashkanazi love to use) are
difficult weapons to overcome. Let us not muddy the waters with their type of deceptive and
simplistic assertions. Do not fall prey such obvious machinations. You are too talented
a writer and thinker to sink to that level.

I won’t touch your views on religion, as I do not agree with them, but that is an entirely different discussion.
Suffice it to say that I don’t feel that our divergence on that topic is important here.

Yours Respectfully…


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