"Check Your Luggage, Mr. Cohen?"

There is “chatter” out here. How much of it is fear porn, I don’t know. When “it” happens…it will probably be like the image above. I won’t add to the chatter equation by telling you the specifics of dates and circumstances. You are smart enough to figure that out by what’s being published out here. Suffice to say, it will be another false flag that a certain terrorist encampment, inside a peaceful nation, will pull. They are known for their “flags”. They are ALL false.

Ah, irony.

I have to agree with this prediction however. I am of the opinion, as many out here are, that in this “Age of the Jew” as I dub it, these types of events have run their course. The Gentile world will not purchase any more huge lies purporting Arab terrorism. 9/11 and the disbelief that it has generated on a worldwide scale, was the last big hoorah for the tribe. They have been “overplaying” their hand with assassinations, plane wrecks and knuckle-headed financial manipulations, as they are want to do throughout history. Hence the long list of pogroms previously brought upon themselves by their own deeds.

The veil is falling away. People are seeing this group of nation-wreckers for what they are, and this tribe is tipping it’s hand….badly. I almost feel compassion for what is going to happen to them.


But if you think that they are going to don the orange jumpers and be led quietly to their prison cells, you don’t understand the psyche of the ash-can-nazi. They are going to go out with a bang. And they have the “bucks” for it. They will not “go quietly”.
When I postulate this to friends that are even anti-zionist, they always indicate that the tribe’s “cooler heads” will prevail concerning the possibility of another huge false flag. I disagree.

These vermin are like cornered rats. They are beginning to panic and they WILL stand up on their hind legs.
The only responses to this growing transparency are, one: just continue as they have been…patiently and methodically threatening everyone that disagrees with them, while reports like this and this and this are coming across the mainstream wire. (This is of course to say nothing of the real internet hatred toward that shitty little country).

Or two: Say they are terribly sorry for all the grief they have inadvertently caused the world. Withdraw their terrorist state from Palestine. Cease the buying of politicians. Sell all their interests in the media and all go out and live on a farm somewhere and labour in their fields, while raising a bunch of kids and eating gefilte fish.

Or three: Go for the big one. The final push that they foolishly believe will bring to fruition, the protocol plans of global dominance.

Which of these options do YOU think they will choose?


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