The Hurrier I Go, the Behinder I Get…

Sometimes, as Alice discovered, things aren’t always what they seem.

As I have stated here before, I don’t know everything. I know that comes as a shock to most of you. However, after meeting an old flame from high school again recently and hearing her say “you are still as arrogant a bastard as you used to be”…I would have to agree, that not only don’t I know half as much as I THINK I know, but I am arrogant about it as well.

So the “Tea Party Movement” has me a bit baffled. Not that it’s that important to me, but still…

When I see something like this take hold, I gotta wonder…who’s buyin? I mean, in my experience, I have never seen anything get organized this quickly and efficiently(as in $$$) that doesn’t have some…well…jewish money behind it. From fraudulent “election” campaigns to the latest blockbuster POS movie, or war for profit, nothing generates mainstream excitement in this country, without it has zionist backing.

Even in the small mud-western community that I have called home most recently, there have been “Tea Party” gatherings downtown. I look at these people and the placards they are carrying and I see that they are frustrated with their Federal Government, yes. But there is something else there. Something unwritten on their signs, and in their pamphlets. A kind of blind anger. Could this be the beginning of the revolution that all of us out here have predicted( or hoped for)? Starting innocently as a polite tax (I hesitate to use the word) revolt, and culminating in the gutters running with the blood of tyrants?

I doubt it.

Although it has the color of true social revolution, it is too well financed and scripted. If indeed this has been calculated by the left hand connected to the right hand…what is the purpose? What do they want with this civil disobedience? Do they intend for it to get out of hand and turn violent, or is this a mere relief valve for more rape to come?

In my estimation there is only one more “dot” to connect with this en-mass protest of tax-rape/bail-out sentiment. Of course the last dot is to look at the names behind the financial frauds that abound. Will they, the Tea-Partiers, follow the obvious next step in their finger-pointing and conclude that the Blankfeins and the Bernankes and the Geithners all share a certain “ethnic” background? And that maybe, just maybe that has something to do with all this fraud that is taking their jobs and homes and threatening their very dignity? And is that the intent of the up-till-now anonymous
backers? Is it another “I scream in agony as I stab you in the back” invitation to a new wave of anti-semitism to extract even more “poor jews” sentiment? I don’t know.

I am not hearing anything in these protester’s rhetoric about stopping wars for israhell, that is taking the biggest tax-dollar chunk of their money. Nothing really about the end of their constitutional rights. Not to mention they are all dressed too well. When it all boils down…it’s ALL about the “money”. That should be a tip-off.

When I hear “we are folks just like you”, I think politician. When I hear “politician”, I hear jewish “ka-ching”. Something is abound and I have yet to read anything out here that analyizes this movement with anymore insight than what I have just said. It is such a shame that we don’t have those people around….oh, what did they used to call them? They had that “integrity” thing, and they used to write stuff…and they were willing to be jailed for their cause of exposing truths. The name escapes me for the moment, but we sure could use a few of them on the landscape today. Things are moving pretty fast and furious right now. The direction that fingers are pointing looks ominous for the ones that I suspect of being behind the whole thing. Could this be the end of Rico? Is this the vision of karma coming full circle? Have the Gentiles of this country finally had enough of the jewish scamming after only 214 years? Hope springs eternal, but I smell a little hebrew dormouse at the party.


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