Ramping It Up…

PBS showed a new and improved version of “The Diary of Anne Frank” yesterday.
The fact that this forgery is still being foisted on an unsuspecting public as “non-fiction” amazes me. It has been proven many times that the diary was rewritten several times and bears little if any resemblance to the original journal kept by Otto Frank’s daughter.

The book in question was even found, in a court of law, to have been written for the most part with a ball-point pen, which during the years that it was supposedly penned, could not have been available to this young girl. Otto Frank, Anne’s father, was sued and lost a civil case to the man that first “rewrote” the book for publication. Upon reading the doctored version, it is obvious to anyone that has ever met a teenage girl that the writing goes well beyond the experience possible to a girl at that time and age. It is a no-brainer.

And yet, it has been swallowed, hook line and sinker, for many many years, as a poignant portrayal of young jewish girl’s thoughts before she was to have died a horrible death in an evil Nazi concentration camp. I would like to have read it before Otto and his cohorts decided to make a buck off his daughter’s death. I am sure it was charming. Or perhaps it should have never been read in it’s original form. After all, isn’t that one of the principles behind the tradition of diaries? It is meant to be just for the writer. Not to be splashed around and altered to suit someone else’s purpo
ses. Which begs the question of HOW her own father could do such a thing…just for money. What kind of squirming organ does one have in his skull that would allow him to deface the memory of his own child with these lies, just for a few shekels? I also would like to ask the question why Rachel Corrie’s diary seems to be of no interest to our public television stations? It would appear that they are VERY interested in the diaries of young girls that were murdered by Nazis, yes? Hmmm…maybe they have never heard of Rachel….ya think? Or perhaps Rachel’s story is a bit too “real”. Or perhaps it is because her name wasn’t “Rachel Cohen”.

I know, I am harping a lot on PBS lately. It just seems that they are joining this recent up-tick in “the poor jews” bullshit that is being spread p
retty thick in the
commercial media in the past few months. I used to think that PBS was supposed to be rather more politically impartial than, say Fox or talk radio. Of course, a casual perusal of the names of the powers that be in the Public Broadcasting Service(to whom?), should have told me that a certain tribe took that one over too… along with NPR.

I am wondering why the increase in this propaganda. Anyone else smell another war for Israhell? I would think that someone that watches the MSM, would feel a bit like a cow being fattened for the kill. I remember just before the ramping-up of the attack by the jews on Lebanon, that the online MSM was rife with “poor jews” stories. It even went so far as showing “Exodus” on tv the week before the invasion. War…and rumors of war.


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