Mike, Alex and the Battle Within…

A lot has been written recently about whom to trust out here. I don’t get it, I guess. It’s as if all these people are looking for a “leader” of sorts. Of course no one is going to stay on that pedestal of leadership long…and maybe that’s a good thing.

By “out here” , I mean the alternative blogosphere, if there is such a thing. Let’s call them frustrated journalists, or writers that see their mission as alerting their readers to the evil in the world. Which is a noble cause indeed. However…evil is a subjective term, more or less. I mean we all understand that killing, subjugating and generally harming other humans, for profit of some sort or other, is an evil thing. These are absolutes. But there are graduations in all moralities.

Whom you choose to believe is entirely up to you, but is seems to me that if you collect facts, make a judgment on an issue, say the economy, or war or zionism or whatever, it shouldn’t matter a wit, what anyone else posts concerning the topic. Either you agree with them or you don’t. If you don’t agree, that’s fine. Say so. But all these personal attacks are counterproductive, and in-fighting never got anything done…as in “I don’t care WHO started it, put your clothes BACK on and get OFF the ceiling fan!!”.

For my part, as should be obvious, I see the jewish hand in most of the problems of the world…today, yesterday and in the foreseeable future. Some don’t agree. That’s ok too. I will do my best to prove my position, and until someone can provide a valid response that amounts to more than throwing up their hands and saying I am ridiculous, or calling me an anti-semite, I will continue to believe this. I will assess such invective as resignation, and a victory of sorts. I will also publish my opinions for all to consider. You don’t have to agree with me.

I do not agree with most of what Mike Rivero stands for. I have exchanged many emails with him, to the point of fully understanding his positions on the topics that interest me. Since I understand and disagree with him, I don’t read his blog. That’s all. Nothing really personal about it. I don’t think he is the “devil incarnate” because he doesn’t agree with me. Same with Alex Jones, Henry Makow, Noam Chomsky, Peter Shiff and Paul Drockton.

I don’t think any of them are agents of evil…but then again, I don’t think about them at all. If they don’t align with my way of thinking about something, I move on. There are bigger fish to fry, so to speak. I know what they do, for various reasons…usually money or vanity…and I don’t really care. They are not making decisions that harm people. They are not the jews in power. I would rather concentrate on exposing truly dangerous assholes in D.C. and occupied Palestine, than to quibble over preening butt-wipes that don’t really effect anyone. If these “dis-info agents” collect a following, then it is probably of the stripe that cannot think for themselves anyway. So it doesn’t really matter. If they have “an agenda” that is counterproductive, it will show. Call them on it (without name-calling) then move on. They will wither in importance.

I think that the “thrust” of the blogosphere IS anti-jewish. This too is a good thing. I am merely adding my voice. I read Les Visible, The French Connection, WUFYS (and even Judicial-Inc for an extreme view), to get opinions and uncensored news items to reflect on. The key word in that phrase is “reflect”. I make up my OWN mind. I do not “Trust” anyone to do my thinking for me (if you don’t trust, you cannot be betrayed)…and I don’t think, considering the weight of the subjects we discuss out here, that anyone should. It is too important to maintain focus and independent and objective thinking.

So, yes…I believe that the Riveros and the Jones’ do a disservice to us all out here, and I will call them on it from time to time… but I am not about to take it personally. No one is going to “tell ” me what to think. Not yet anyway. Until they do, I am not interested in the opinions of those with another agenda.


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