A Trip to Make-Believe Land…

Along the same vein as the post below, I can probably be sued for publishing the image at the right for some jewish infringement thingy. Oh well. Shit happens.

Every once in awhile I like to stop by one of the MSM’s sites to see them in their death struggle. It’s heartening to witness the death of evil. And their audience is disappearing. Not a moment too soon for me…but
let’s take a trip to “Ma
ke-Believe-Land” and try a little lucid analysis of what CNN(which I am sure is just a text-y flashy version of their TV broadcasting) is telling us today:

1. You Suck.
This seems to be an all-encompassing message-behind-the-message, prevalent in all of their “news” reportage. You suck if you don’t agree that these stories are the ONLY important ones…and you suck if you aren’t up on the latest trends…whatever WE say they are….and so on and so on. The message coming through loud and clear is “we care for you, if you believe in us” (where have I heard that before?)…otherwise you suck.

2. Buy these products.
From their reviews and meaningless drivel about the latest and greatest tech-shit, we get a new method to momentarily escape our basic suckyness…BUY them. And tell us what you think(but it better agree with our OFFICIAL jewish pundit’s review. If not…you suck).

3. Race struggle is forever.
They let you know that people are different and that you really shouldn’t like that. You should stand up for you rights guaranteed by the color of your skin…etc…and fight anyone that oppooses those inherent rights. Keep struggling. Keep warring. If you don’t….you guessed it….you suck

There is inevitably at least one story
about jews…as if they make up a HUGE portion of the world. Some holohoax survivor teaching gentile kiddies about how they were miraculously saved by frogs, or how the bad-old-worl
d won’t let jews build houses on Palestinian land or some rabbi’s advice for the love-lorn. But the basic message is israhell can do no wrong and all jews are essentially gods. Believe this or you suck.

5. Celebrity is IMPORTANT.
Every tiny bit of information about some blond bimbo or some tattooed druggie that happened to have recently graced the silver screen or the jew-toob, should be the most important thing in YOUR life right now. War and greed should take a back seat to the goings-on of whomever they choose to spotlight in their obsessive promotion of celebrity. The more disgusting, the better. If you don’t subscribe to all this salacious info…..you suck.

6. We know best.
NEVER question our pundits, doctors, columnists or reporters. They get it right EVERY time! No dissent is recognized. No opinions that vary will be printed. Blah blah blah. Don’t believe that?…you suck.

7. Mom.

Some “mom” abused her kids. She is usually a Christian. She is usually stupid and they have a mpeg showing just HOW stupid and Christian they are….and how MUCH they suck.

8. Muslims (and Christians) are inherently bad people. They suck.
They make no bones about this. So if you believe that, then by omission you can have only one conclusion about the remaining Abrahamic religion. Reference number 4.

So, to sum up:

You Suck
Buy these products
Race Struggle is Forever
Celebrity is Important
We Know Best
Mom Sucks
Muslims(and Christians) Suck

Any 10-year-old child that cannot see through this ridiculous cornucopia of garbage must be mentally challenged.

Oh, I GET it! THAT’S why they are dying!


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