Jammin’ to Jimi. 
Watching the HeadLies fly across the screen.

Anyway, watching the Where the Wild Things Are … nah, can’t really compare this BS to that Great kids’ escape.  But all the same, is it just me, or are the Politicians morphing into smaller, childlike caricatures of themselves?  One cries foul, the other answers back by pulling the ‘Baby’s’ pigtail and runs off across the Beltway screaming “Catch me if you can … !”  And this is just a glimpse into the everyday workings of the wonderful elected.  Amazing isn’t it?  Not really.  

As I have mentioned with Gaffe Master Flash’s dropping of the F-Bomb, it IS all details, but they’re FUN details.  And to me, this is no different.  Something amusing to watch.  Finally broke the sadistic addiction to tuning into Jerry … gotta replace the fix with something of equal or lesser value.  

The veil is falling.  Actually, may be crumbling with age.  Leave it lying around too long and it’ll decompose on its own, whether you want it to or not.  If you don’t protect it, you asked for it.  Same here, I think.  As I have mentioned many a time before on my blog and on this one, I am not merely as well-versed as my fellow writer the Wondrous Timster.  That being said, even I can tell that something is horribly amiss. 

Are people just taking this Healthcare Fiasco and using it as a tool to act out like a child who doesn’t get his way?  There is so much pouting, finger wagging, finger pointing, tall finger salutes, slurs, spatting, and just general horrible behavior hyped on speed run terribly amok.  WTF? And it isn’t just here.  

It is EVERYWHERE.  Hell, look at our “relationship” with Isreal.  What the hell happened there?  [NOTE: this isn’t an incendiary remark to prompt a response, but merely an honest question.]  Again, I ask, WTF?  Another divisive tool?  Or what? Something isn’t right with the whole situation.  Eerily out of place, but that is a topic for a different discussion.  So to transition, I ask “Has the whole World lost is ever-lovin’ mind?”  I really am starting to buy the idea that there are illicit substances in the drinking water, and a helluva dose was tossed in last Saturday night.  

A guy left a message on a Rep’s (can’t recall her name) voice mail … well, it was more of a tirade.  Going off about how hateful and racist the Republican party is.  That if some (expletive deleted) had spat on him, he would have pulled out his automatic and shot the (expletive deleted).  Did it ever occur to this equally racist individual that MAYBE, just MAYBE the gentleman was spat on BECAUSE he was a REPRESENTATIVE?  A CONGRESSMAN? and it had NOTHING to do with him being black????? Probably not.  It is easier to cop out and play the race card.  It incites more emotion that way.  And as for the alleged Name Calling.  Has anyone noticed that NO RECORDINGS have surfaced?  Could it be that there were no slurs thrown?  OR could it be that They didn’t get the recording finished in time?  I DON’T KNOW.  I am merely throwing ideas out there.  I refuse to subscribe to a single explanation as of yet.  I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what happened, and THEREFORE I refuse to take part in the childish banter of HE said SHE said … Just merely making observations. Asking a few questions.  B/C after all, we ALL know that it is the bigger picture.  Trick is getting it into focus.

The point of all this being, things Appear to be falling apart at the seams.  Ignoring the subtlety of the details … poke, poke, …. nudge, nudge …. I am merely trying to stand back and take an objective look at the state of our people here.  What has gotten into everyone?  There are no responsible adults anymore.  There  are a FEW individuals who still have the wherewithal to have an EDUCATED, CIVILIZED discussion of events.  And then you have … well, turn on the news … any STATESIDE news station. You’ll see what I mean.

Is it meant for the people to self-destruct before they will realize that all the World REALLY IS a Stage?  And all the players are Currently failing miserably??  There is hope out there, just wondering what kind of a pre-game show is on the horizon.  

Well, Mr. Timster, you told me recently that knowledge comes with Age.  My naiveté is just part of it… I am learning.  So, I ask, is this grating of the nerves originating from watching such Rampant Stupidity and Dazed Individuals Acting Out as Children (whom mommy and daddy probably didn’t hug enough) part of it too?  Sure it makes for great television, endless amusement … but, more so, it stirs a deep emotion of sadness, pity, and disappointment.  And yet I still hold out Hope.  Lemme guess, another sign of getting Older?  You’re the one with Tenure, Sir. And I mean that with Much Respect!  In defense of my naiveté,  let the record show that at least I don’t spell Moron m-o-r-A-n.  There is hope. 


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