There Are None So Blind…

I have been doing a lot of re-reading lately.
Shakespeare, Dickens, Pound…even Henry Ford.

I have been looking for inklings. Tell-tale signs of insanity. I can’t find any. But who am I to presume to diagnose these great men with mental disabilities? Well, I am just doing what the current thinking tells me to do….I guess. I mean, if these deep thinking gentlemen all warned of the “jew”(one can even shudder to use the word nowadays), they must be insane.

In the times of most of these great writers, the mass media was the written word. Through this medium, countless of the greatest writers of the last two millennium, warned their readers of the snake-like quality of those claiming Talmudic heritage. After all the reading that I have done, I can only find one common flaw in their warnings…that being that the traits of the international jew are somehow “in the blood”. Science has revealed more recently that personality traits are learned. They are taught either consciously or through a series of events in a person’s life. They are not biologically inherited. Ok. Fine.

So what’s a reader of the classics to do? When we encounter these slurs in classic literature, should we mentally censor them. Should we disregard these references as something “pre-politically-correct”, or look into them as having as much merit as the rest of these writers’ thoughts?

When I bring this up in polite conversation, there is something that the opposing camp always seems to mention. “Mark Twain used the “n” word many times in his writing, but you should disregard that too as just a cruel invective and thought pattern of his time”. Hmmm…I heard that so many times in the course of my inquiries into “anti-semitism” in the classics, that it caused me to go back and read
Twain again. Not exactly what I would call a chore. However, it became clear that these people were entirely wrong. There was NOTHING derogatory in Twain’s references toward blacks at all. If anything they were the kindest, most understanding and flattering references. However Twain DID have quite a lot to say about jews, that wasn’t so flattering.

So before we follow the leader and throw the baby out with the bathwater, perhaps we should not disregard these assessments as fashion. What are we losing as a civilization, when we censor Portia’s speech before the court, or the Dearborn Independent? Are we to totally forget the speeches of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin that have any references to a certain ruling class that now controls the current mass media?

Lee “Rosy” Rosenberg, addressing the latest gathering of traitors(AIPAC), stated yesterday that his father had told him that “there are none so blind as those that will not see”. If you or I had that maxim repeated to us as we grew, I think we might take it a bit differently than he clearly did. To him it seems to parallel that other saying “never give a sucker and even break” …of course by sucker, I mean Gentile.
No, I think we would have seen it to mean that the less you choose to see (such as Bibi Netan-yahoo’s most recent nose-thumbing at us), the less you are capable of seeing.

I think we have arrived at that point concerning the vermin that adhere to this filthy religion. We know who and what they are… it is becoming almost impossible NOT to…and yet we have until just recently, refused to retain the warnings about them from the greatest writers and thinkers of history. But that is changing.

The internet is quickly becoming the “medium” of OUR day and the volume of anti-jewish,(and their latest incarnation of zionism) sentiment is joyful to behold. It is even beginning to effect world politics. Let’s not squander our opportunity to finally rid the world of this scourge. Keep up the fight. Let us, like so many before us continue the battle against this racist/supremacist cult and end it for all time.

“There is no darkness but ignorance” – William Shakespeare


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