oh rachel…

Anyone that can watch the video below and not see the commitment of a child-prodigy, or not feel ashamed that they do not have her courage of convictions, is not human.
Don’t you think we owe her something? I do.

If it was you or I that was in charge of the defense in the civil suit being tried in Haifa over the death of Rachel Corrie, we would plead “no contest”. After all, no one is threatened with jail over the outcome of the trial. No one will be criminalized, and no one will suffer as the result of any verdict that could be handed down in favor of her parents that brought the suit. They are just seeking the truth of what actually happened to their daughter. Is that too much to ask? Clearly it is.

So why did the defense spend the opening day of the trial arguing that Rachel knew the dangers of her actions in being present in a war zone, that she was just a naive girl who was manipulated by terrorist forces, and that the soldier that killed her was not at fault? Why indeed. Instead of any sort of apologetic posturing that could be looked at as human and good (if not too late), the occupying jewish IDF lawyers revert to the disgusting defense of offense. That is to say, when one is in the wrong and they know it, attack the accuser.

This attitude is very telling of the zionist mindset. The whole world is out of step but them. They can do no wrong…they are the “chosen”. If they are worried about the PR surrounding the case…even if it is insincere, why not take this opportunity to at least appear to be contrite and caring? Such propaganda is normally rampant in their media. You killed her once. You don’t have to do it again in a civil court.

It is the ashkanazi ego that dissuades them from such humanitarian actions. Nothing else. In their eyes they can never be seen as normal fallible humans…never give an inch. Missing such a grand opening to show themselves as sensitive beings should tell the world(if media coverage of the trial wasn’t almost entirely controlled by them), what zionism is all about. Jewish supremacy and racism…that is all.

Rachel, you will not get justice in Haifa…nor will your parents. But I implore anyone reading this or any other alternative websites that decry this insult-after-injury, to keep up the fight. Put all you can, everywhere you can in the face of the news that this sort of injustice in Palestine, what Rachel stood against, will not be tolerated further.

We owe her that much.


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