There’s Someone…

There’s someone that doesn’t want us to succeed. Someone that doesn’t even want us to advance as a species for our own sake.

I am a big fan of Mishio Kaku and also Jacque Fresco. These are two of only a handful of people that seem to get it. For the most part anyway. Being scientists however their vision is narrow…narrow as a baptist preacher. Same thing really. Science – religion. But that is another discussion.

We as a species have evolved to a point where there seems to be no point at all. Our technology has no value beyond creature comfort. It has no vision beyond it’s nose. How are new apps for the iphone going to advance us an inch? And yet this type of technology is where we are…for the common man. Nation building is still locked into bigger rocks to throw at each other. War tech. Death tech. Spy tech.
When are we going to grow up? Ever?

If you were to bring up the advantages promised by space technology, or mag-trains
or alternative energy sources, your dumbed-down cocktail party guests would more than likely stare at you as if your face had just melted.

If you can’t feel a hand in all of this…I don’t think you are paying attention. And I think you are not paying attention BECAUSE of the hand in all of this. I am not talking about “conspiracy” necessarily, just the wrong hands on the till.
Can we as the most intelligent animal on this rock not get beyond greed? Is it THAT fucking addictive? Sure, I would like to own a half-million dollar auto, but I will settle for a good $10 book that can teach me something. Long after the car is gone the way of the junkyard, what I can garner from a good read will still be up there in the old brain box.
Before we can embark on Mishio and Jacque’s plans for the next steps we need to take…we have a few problems down here on this spinning hunk of shit we call a planet, to take care of. We cannot continue down the path that we are on. That is obvious. So we need to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, face reality and do what needs to be done. That would entail marching. Not with placards but nooses. Marching to the Rothchild’s and the Rockefeller’s estates and stringing them up. Burning all money. Releasing all stores of food and staples, destroying all weaponry and getting down to the business of making life on this boulder, better for all of us. Not better in the sense of luxury. That is the slippery slope to class-oriented greed and ruin. But better in the sense of a direction to take so that your great-grandchildren will not be human beings as we know them at all. But butterflies. Butterflies that emerged from the dark constricting cocoon of the evolution that we must endure.

The men that I mention have great dreams, and when you think about it, it’s not such a stretch to see that we are at a crossroads. We must eliminate all that would hold us back. I don’t need to name them. The ones that live for the material. We already know who they are…those someones.


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