The One That Got Away…

I just read Jayne Gardener’s account of trying to
discuss her feeli
ngs about the holocaust with her sister. I can relate. Been there too. Many times.
It is very frustrating (and soon to be illegal) to even express doubts about this fish-story of the “epitome of suffering” with which the jewish people purchase so much luxury. So few people understand that they have been brainwashed over the past 40-50 years to embrace this fairy tale that it is difficult to be the one telling the emperor that he has no new clothes.
One person said to me that even if he DID accept the facts I gave him in support of this tale being nothing more than exaggerations and lies,…that he found it impossible to believe that every jew in the world could possibly be “in on it”. “What do they do, have meetings where they all plot these lies?”

Firstly, I would answer,(and did) not all jews believe the accepted accounts of jewish murder under Hitler’s reign. David Cole has done more than many gentile revisionists to debunk the holohoax…himself a jew. There are of course MANY more examples of intelligent questioning jews that do not buy the official propaganda.
But let’s look at the jews that do.

Do you believe there was a Jesus Christ? Have you researched it? Have you come up with ANY historical evidence that he ever existed? Or do you merely accept the tale because such a personage would be convenient to believe in, and that you have been told in many ways over your life that you are inherently benefited because of your Christian heritage. This benefit, of course hinging on the prerequisite that you BELIEVE.

It is the same with most jews and their holocaust. Their concentration-camp fables are now even taking on a “miracle” theme to them, and they buy into these stories as much if not more than we gentiles. They don’t question them as most Christians do not petition the suffering of Christ. Both tales are myths. Both tales are based on suffering. Both provide benefits. Comfort, identity… “special-ness”. So when we hear of so many”re-born Christians” and”holocaust survivors” we can see that for personal and financial reasons it is easy to exaggerate to the point of blatant lies, one’s imagined role in these myths.

Unfortunately, for the jews, their “suffering” wasn’t that long ago and CAN easily be investigated. Can, and IS proven to be, like the kid that keeps stretching his hands further and further apart, nothing more than “the one that got away”.

Of course as in Christianity, the originators of the BIG holohoax lies had political and monetary motives. These original story-tellers, I’m sure, had no idea how twisted and to what perverse purposes their lies would be used. Or maybe they did. At any rate, I think you will agree that it’s time for jew and gentile alike, to “put away these childish things”.

Both epic fabrications have caused too much REAL suffering in this world.


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