Can’t Control Their Own?

Damn. I hate it when I’m proven right about all the wrong things.
I think Abe Foxman should establish a jewish twitter network, so they all know the game-plan. The idea in the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake, was to get the IDF in there protecting the israeli surgeons as they harvested organs from orphans of the disaster, then get out. Then divert attention from their vampire behavior by screaming in their headlines about Baptist kidnappers. Simple plan. But one of their flock was on the wrong page and…as they always seem to do…was in it for himself.
According to reports (soon to be buried, I’m sure), some jewish slimeball was retained by the Baptists as a legal adviser…probably out of sheer desperation…and it turns out that this piece of human garbage is a known child-trafficker. 
Y’know, I don’t have the greatest respect for Christians, or their religion, but they should seriously think twice about that whole “judeo-christian bullshit”  path that they seem happy to tread recently. From the SPLC and the NAACP to “Pastor” John Haggee, seemingly innocent amerikan church-goers are being sucked up into a world of hurt. A world in which there ARE no values, save using these Christians and their sheep-like qualities as a front for human slaughter.

Because of this ass-wipe’s greed(I’m sure he was paid well, and perhaps even promised a few kids, which he intended to sell into sex-slavery), the whole jewish propaganda machine has got to shift into a higher gear to wipe this story from inquiring minds and divert attention elsewhere. Geeze people…can’t you control your own? Or do you think he is a “goat” to lend credence to the kidnapper story? He does have his yarmulke on…don’t tell me…he’s a third-generation holohoax survior!

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