I have had several people comment on the “form” of my site.
“Your posts are too short”….”too many graphics”… “not enough graphics”
“Too anti-semitic”… “You have a talent, but your blog only hints at it”
“Is it a alternative news site, or an op-ed site?”
After several years of visiting alternative news/op pages, and I thought about publishing my own, I set down some rules for myself.
1. I don’t want to opine until the reader’s eyes fall out of their heads…so keep it short and to the point.
2. I am no Ken Kesey, so write what you know and about which you feel strongly…only.
3. Graphics are important to me as a reader…eye candy can help emphasize a point.
4. Stay focused. The purpose of this site(if you haven’t guessed) is to add my voice to the growing outcry against the “judification” of the world as a whole and the U.S. specifically. I believe I have something to contribute because I have seen it first hand over my MANY years on this planet and the because of the massive amount of reading that I have done over those many years.
5. Try to stick to the facts. Do the reasearch…make your conclusions…write.
6.If I can change one person’s mind about the saturation of judaic ethos that is destroying the common-sense morality of humanity…It is worth the effort.

As a philosophy major and english minor in college, the observation could be made that I should be able to communicate a bit more effectively than I do here. Oh well. I get my point across, I think….not eloquently granted. But I view this more a “mission”  than a forum for my abilities as a journalist or author. 
So, there you have it. You will get short bursts of ranting and my opinions on current events as they relate to my peculiar brand of anti-semitism.


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