The Super-what?

Before I begin a little tirade on professional sports, let me remind you of an incident in that business from a long time ago. 1919 to be exact.
A long tradition of “fixing” professional sports began then in Chicago with the “Black” Sox as they have become known. Many books and films have immortalized the events, but few draw the conclusion that it was just the beginning. Names like “shoeless Joe Jackson” and “Sleepy Bill Burns” have been bandied about as good players gone bad. The readers and viewers are supposed to draw some sort of finger-wagging empathy for these men who went to the “dark side” of professional sports. And we are to conclude that our lesson was learned and it shall never be repeated.
The truth is a bit different. After 1919, sports became a part of the entertainment industry…and I think we all know who controls that. It hasn’t changed…just gotten worse. There probably hasn’t been many truly fair professional sporting events since that time. Too much money and too many of “the tribe” involved. It’s a bit of a no-brainer.  When you realize that the real people that “fixed” those first games were not the players themselves, but the money-men like Abe “The Little Hebrew” Attell and Arnold “The Brain” Rothstein, and you look at the owners…not the players…in today’s pro sports events…well, duh. The players are just dumb pawns in a money and entertainment game.

So when I see otherwise normal people getting SERIOUSLY excited about professional sports, I gotta wonder where their brains went. I mean really. It’s JUST an entertainment. If there is an “upset”…or a REALLY exciting game..try to keep your perspective. Realize that it’s mostly ALL scripted…especially when it comes down to marketing and the “payoff” wins and losses. And remember WHO is scripting it. Keep your money in your pocket and your brain in your head.


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