The Coming Pogram or King of the Hill

There is a new pogrom coming. You can feel it. But it’s not going to be what the folks over at the ADL make a good living pretending to fight. There won’t be death camps for jews and as with their fiction of WWII…again…no gas chambers.

As many people have pointed out, no one has ever succeeded in taking over rule of the world.
Of course that statement is a bit subjective and one could argue that it has already been accomplished in many subtle forms. However, I agree in principle.

There will be no global police state as envisioned by Orwell. Too many people to control…and who would control them? Even now there are police groups with conscience enough to say NO to enforcing unjust laws on their fellow humans.

More and more it is becoming clear that the “enemy” of peace is war itself… not the inhabitants of some poor nation that has the right climate for producing the poppy, or is situated on large oil deposits. International bankers and leaders of hegemonic military nations can no longer draft the common man into such a fight for their personal profits, so they must rely on propaganda and technology to kill.
The propaganda is failing as is the technology.

When I was a kid we used to play “King of the Hill”. I dunno, they probably still play it.

The rules are rather simple. One kid beats the shit out of a few others, runs to the top of a hill and screams “KING OF THE HILL”, as he pumps his fists in the air. Then the kids he beat the snot out of, run up the hill and throw him off…ad infinitum…or at least till supper is ready. As simple as this game seems, it is going to be played one more time, on a global scale and soon. It’s as inevitable as that meal afterwords.

The next world war is going to be on the elite. Those trying to gain that illusive control over the six billion-plus humans, are going to find themselves at the wrong end of their war mongering. Good. Enough is enough. It can’t come too soon for me.
As a rule of thumb, I guess the place to start would be at the top and work all the way down….to anyone that brings home a paycheck of, say…$650,000 a year or more? What human do you know that is worth that kind of reward? And yet you probably work for such a “pig at the trough”.
Of course the jews of this world will be screeching “anti-semitism” when this happens. Guess why? Although they comprise less than one percent of the world population, I’m guessing that the members of their cult will comprise a bit larger percentage of those targeted for elimination. I’m thinking somewhere in the high 80’s? But hey, there is no anti-jewish thing here. If you value money that much, then you have singled yourself out as the enemy. Simple.
This will become kind of a litmus test for those deemed worthless to the rest of humanity. In the revolution, it will become a makeshift law that if you think that highly of wealth, you can’t think very highly of your fellow humans…end of story…end of you.
Of course these are just my ideas of a direction that the TRUE new-world-order should take. And although I think that the punishments dealt out to the psychopaths of this world will probably correlate along those lines generally…revolutions can get a bit arbitrary and messy. But, hey…so can king of the hill.


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