Paranoia and The Narrowing Path…

I watched a video other day. It was a link from some site or other that was screaming about ancient tribal crap and how it had come to fruition in the form of a plan for the NWO. This video had everthing. It had Masons, Satanists, the Bush family, The Pope, the Queen of England, George Washington, Bohemian Grove….
If you couldn’t find your pet paranoia in this one, you just weren’t paying attention.

And people wonder why everyone in the world isn’t up in arms about “the powers that be” and how they need to awaken from their slumber and see the light, before these dark powers take over the universe, or some variation thereof. Of course every one of these websites is not only willing but gleeful to impart it’s wisdom concerning exactly who these powers are, and how to fight them.

Uh-huh. Yeah. Well… let me get back to you on that one.

My wife and I have been having the same argument for years. She says I’m paranoid, things aren’t that bad, stop seeing the negative side of everything and the world has always been this way, it’s just technology that makes it seem worse. I say the world has become a hell-hole that is practically uninhabitable, jews HAVE taken over the world for all intents and purposes and there is truly no escape save a horrible lingering death.

When one enters an argument/discussion/battle, it is customary to take ALL your weapons with you…whether you are going to need them or not. Sometimes you use weapons that you hadn’t intended to use. Overkill. When the “trouble and strife” and I start one these discussions, it usually ends rather quickly when we both agree to disagree. And that’s a good thing I think. Discussions like that need to take place more often everywhere. It tempers one’s position on things. One can get paranoid, and one can be too complacent. In such a discussion, no one comes away a winner necessarily, but each goes away having shifted his/her opinions more toward the centre.

The centre is a good place to be. Amazing view.

Over the years I have witnessed two narrowings. A narrowing of my view to the centre of things and a narrowing of the paths available to me and those I care about.
Life IS truly getting narrower. You can’t do things that you could freely do in the world only a generation ago. There is a plan behind this, I’m sure. I am of the opinion, as you probably have surmised if you are a regular reader of mine, that judaism and it’s skewed view of things, are calling the shots that cause this phenomenon. I have yet to be convinced otherwise.
But this is why I go to the paranoid sites, like I do. I also cruise CNN. I try to temper my opinions with exposure to both sides of an issue. By this procedure only, can one narrow their focus and then the true centre appears….imho.


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