I Wonder…

I have a lot goofy questions going through my mind all the time. Not that everyone doesn’t…but I mean ALL the time.

Like where the hell did that car come from, when I just looked in my RVM and signaled the lane change? Do people really think that you can carry on the ritual of a conversation with someone, without the luxury of them sitting beside you (like on a cell-phone)? Especially while trying to control a 2-ton hunk of metal on wheels, careening down a busy street? You see, if the person you were talking to was sitting there beside you…they might say for instance…LOOKOUTFORCHRISSAKE”…or get quiet while you negotiate a particularly sticky traffic challenge. But no, they keep jabbering away at you on that little phone(as if they can’t see the danger you are in) while you realize that paying attention to them and not the car in front of you is just about to cause some serious ow-ies.

I was just Skyping(if there is such a word…it’s underlined here in my text-box, so I doubt it) with my son on the other side of the known world. He carried his laptop outside on the deck and told me that he could see himself. So? That IS the technology that we are playing with today, y’know… “No no”, sez he “I can see myself and the sky behind me in the reflection on your glasses” Huh? Now wait…this could be important, thinks I. He is looking at clouds that are a reflection of the clouds over his head, transmitted over a thousand miles away. Where is that reflection? And more importantly…on what plane of existence does that digitalized reflection of a reflecion lie? I guess I should leave such questions to physics majors…but it gets me thinking about alternate planes of being, saturated into ours.

And another thing…

I am NOT by any means, a spiritual person. Here and now. That’s me. Physical evidence is very big with me. So why can I talk to my father? He’s been dead for over 40 years. I was very young when he died. But recently, I have been talking to him. Before you start suggesting good laughing academies, believe me, it’s not a symptom of a deeper problem. But of course crazy people don’t THINK they are crazy, huh? Anyway…when I say talk…it’s more telepathic really. I just hear/think questions from him. They are in his voice as I remember it. And it’s always just questions. Questions. I give answers…he asks more questions. It’s kinda like the “whyyyyy??” that parents have to dig to answer, only to get another “whyyyy??” These questions are always about the technology of today. I explain things as carefully as I can so that someone of that era can relate…but it just leads to more….questions.

Well, at any rate…it’s always a very subtle experience. Spooky. A bit unsettling…but subtle nonetheless. I am not going to jump to any metaphysical explanations. About that, or Tarot Cards.

When I was bumming around as a kid, I took up reading Tarot cards. Not that I believed in them being anything but a game. But I actually used to feed myself by charging people for readings…on the beach, downtown, on the road…wherever I happened to be if I was hungry or needed a pack of smokes. I got very good at it…the “street theater” of it all. Those cards predicted some amazing things. A few births (gender included), fortunes to be won or lost, and several deaths. Coincidence? Not sure I believe in that concept either. “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio”.

Not that I am getting “spiritual” or anything in my declining years…I was just wondering, and I always have questions…


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