Part Two: It’s Easy to Win the Game When You Cheat…

Taking all my ranting of part one of this piece into account, one might say “Yeah, that may be true as far as it goes, but it can’t be that simple…how do jews get all this power and these riches in the first place if they are not somehow entitled to it?”

I wish that Gentiles who aspire to fame and fortune would get one simple FACT through their skulls. Unless it is given to them…inheritance, winning the lottery or finding it, or having come to it by true innovative thought and work(and those are the ones that normally lose it quickly)…NO ONE that has a lot of money has ANY desirable morality. That’s all. End of story. You can’t get rich digging a ditch. And you can’t aquire wealth without some double-dealing. It’s just a fact of life. It’s always been that way. I have never met a very wealthy person that I can admire on any level.

The reason for this is obvious, I would think. To get money, someone is going to have to lose it. To get a LOT of money…a LOT of people are going to have to lose a LOT of it. And there’s the rub.

Enter cheating.

Imagine you are in a poker game every week…in which you normally lose some. Then you realize that the dealer and one of the other players are cheating you and the rest of the group. You don’t ever lose that much, and you really love to play poker. Instead of confronting them, closing down the game, and fearing that you will be proved wrong and lose the friendship of the other players, you keep quiet. It’s the only game in town and you tell yourself…”well, the small losses are worth the joy of playing, and I could be wrong about the cheating going on”. Well, of course you aren’t wrong. You ask yourself how they can live with themselves as they cheat and steal their from their “freinds”? But the game goes on.

You see, jews are taught that most anything that you can get away with, when it comes to money, sex and power acquisition is ok. If you get caught…lie, steal and cheat your way out of Gentile punishment. After all, the people you are screwing over are only Gentiles. This is really taught in most jewish homes. In many ways…especially and most emphatically, by example. If their parents are found to be embezzling the company funds and get away with a slap on the wrist, the children in that household will learn to mimic this behaviour. It’s just that simple.

As I have said in the past , this group’s grip on the world is slipping. It is becoming more evident every day, how disgusting and destructive to the rest of the world these tenets of judaism are. Nowhere is it more evident than their shameless behaviour in the world of finance. The “Ponzi” scheme authors are again and again turning out to be jewish. People notice this. People take notice that the Wall Street Banksters are all jewish. People notice also the opulence in which these people live.

But back to the poker game. The dealer and his shill are playing a different game than the rest of them. There’s too is a game of chance…a chance that they will be discovered.

For most of the world’s cultures whose religious morality is founded in concepts of fair play and good will for their fellow humans(no matter how it is at times subverted), it is hard to understand the jewish take on life aboard this starship. Jews of course, do not believe in an afterlife per se. It is also one of the few religions in history that holds that no sin against their god is so evil that they cannot seek and attain redemption/forgivness from the head guy. These two beliefs, to my mind are very indicative of their behaviour. If one thinks that this life is all there is, and you will never be divinely punished for anything you do here…then why not grab all you can get? Who cares, right? And when you consider that their holy texts describe all non-jews as cattle for the jew’s benefit…well…it’s a no-brainer for them.

To be prosecuted(not PERsecuted) by the goyim is not as big a deterrent as it has been in the past for the jewish culture/cult. Thanks to their nepotism, they have placed more and more of their kind on the benches of our judiciary. It must be maddening for most, to see all these horrible crimes that jews can and are proved guilty of, being punished by essentially a wag of the finger and a no-no from a fellow jewish judge. And it is. To the point where many people are scrutinizing this judiciary more and more. As they are about most things judaic.

The walls are coming down…slowly it may seem…but tumbling nonetheless. Just remember when you see shameless opulence in the face of poverty and desperation … look for the jew. He is always there. And he is probably cheating you.


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