Defamation, The "Joos" and the Question, Would I?…

Ok…I finally saw Yoav Shamir’s “Defamation”. Is it all that they have touted? Yes. It is a film that is VERY hard to watch. Painful, I think would be the word. But should be seen by everyone that questions jewish power in the world, and is consquently interested in what drives the hebrew psyche.

Like all good documentaries, it is important to show both sides of the subject. It did. While watching it, a big question came to my mind. I kept thinking to myself, what I would be like now, had I been born of a jewish mother. What if I were raised as these young israeli kids that have so much hate in them…that are taught so much paranoia and vitriol for anything gentile? The teenagers in the film are followed from their israeli homes on a field trip to Auschwitz. There adult guides dutifully fill them with warnings about how careful they must be with all the anti-semitism they will encounter out in the real world. There was much more to the film, but this part in particular hit home with me.

What if I was taught that not only was I inherently superior to all humans by birthrite, but would forever be hated for that fact? And if born jewish in the western world and I was handed life on a silver platter and told that I was special in this world, and to expect to be treated accordingly, would I believe it? What if any door would open for me as a young man simply because of my name? What if I spent my life, cradle-to-grave, never having to worry about money? What if life was that easy? Or…that difficult?

Would I play along? Would I take what was handed me and believe, as I was taught, that because of my ancestors not having such luxury, that I deserved it?

I can honestly say to you now…I don’t know.

The easy thing to say here would be NO. But that wouldn’t be entirely forthcoming…I truly don’t have an answer for that question.

As I have said here many times, jews(or more accurately Ashkenazim) are merely people. People that have been, for the most part, raised very poorly for many generations. Poorly in the sense that they are taught to hate and hence expect to be hated. Poorly in the sense that they have had a borrowed talmudic ethic drilled in their head….that they are somehow better than all others. But it goes deeper than that.

As most people out here understand (and it is becoming increasingly common knowledge in the mainstream), most “jews” throughout the world and even in israel, are not jewish at all. They seem almost proud to call themselves ashkenazi jews. Following that bloodline, of course leads you to discover that the Ashkenazim are the descendants of the ancient southern Russian tribe of Khazaria. They converted to judaism in the 6th century and are NOT from the Palestinian area at all. This is accepted knowlege…even to the jews of today. They make little if any effort to hide these facts. When in fact, it controverts the very foundation upon which the terrorist state of israel was forced into existence only 60 years ago. Add to these facts that some 80 percent of the world ‘s jewish population describe themselves as secular…and I have to wonder who exactly can be “defamed” by “anti-semitism”. The very fact that the tribe of Khazar, after tear-assing around the Mediterranean at that time raping and pillaging…were finally conquered and forced to take on a religion, chose the talmud and the torah to follow, speaks to the nature of that filthy religion and it’s lack of common-sense morality.

But back to the question at hand.

A life in, say the U.S., for a young jewish person, would be VERY difficult to decline…on any level.
Wanna be a rock star? Don’t have any real talent? Uncle Abe will fix it. He knows people in the business that will write you songs, make you look the part and promote you to the top. Wanna own your own company and make millions while rubbing elbows with the elite? Aunt Naomi will fix it…etc.

I like to hang my hat on something Ron Paul said, when charged that much of his following consisted largely of conspiracy theorists. Did he also believe in such conspiracies? I will paraphrase his answer: It’s not really a conspiracy…it’s just people that hold the same beliefs and values, that happen to be in influential places right now.

To me, that was the perfect answer.

Nepotism. You probably remember that word. It isn’t used much anymore…but should be. It is: “favoritism granted to relatives or friends, without regard to their merit.”-Webster.

THAT is what we are seeing in the world today… in this ” Age of the Jew”. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, may well be a forgery. There are no secret meetings of all jews planning world domination. It is merely a mindset or “groupthink” and some poor parenting that makes it appear so organized, and possible. Nepotism on a grand scale.

So to repeat, I don’t know if I could have turned this all down and taken the moral high road if born a jew…I wanted to be a rock star as a kid and didn’t have much talent. Hell, I could have been Bob Zimmerman!….uh Dylan.

Stay tuned for Part Two: It’s easy to win the game when you cheat.


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