I have been listening to a lot of old Motown recently. From Marvin Gaye to the Temptations. Good for the soul. It kinda gets into your brain. Not only if you remember the feeling of that music and the nostalgia involved, but the voice it gave to millions of people and did more for “race-relations” than all the affirmative action committees, headed mainly by jews, could dream of. Say what you want to about Barry Gordy…he knew how to package a sound and an image. I wonder how he would have packaged Obama.

BO and the Yiddettes..

“Ladies and Gentlemen…put your hands together for that fabulous band out of Chi-town…..BO and the Yiddettes!”
Bo sits down at the piano and amid thunderous applause and keyboard vamping, introduces the band. “First on lead guitar we have Mike Rivero”(applause)…”next on bass please welcome Alex Jones”(Alex does a bass riff and then pulls out a bullhorn and screams something unintelligible to the crowd). “…and up there on drums is that lovable clown…Jesse Ventura!(laughter,chants and applause).
“Now let’s meet the girls in the band….Rita-the-terrorizer- Katz” (Yay)…”Zippy-head the kiddie-killer-Livni from down israel way” (screams of delight) “…and the newest Yiddette, from former amerika, Naomi Klein” (wild applause as she waves her credit cards at the audience).

The bass line and drums start a driving rhythm that the crowd instantly recognizes as the band’s latest release…”Terror”…
Bo screams out the lyrics…”Terrorism terrorism–everywhere…we gotta keep it safe fo evey-body up in da air”….driving bass/drums, back up singers chanting “booga-booga-booga”

I’m telling you this is HIT material…I can almost hear it!

To control dissent…you must lead it…


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