Let’s Roll…

From Superman comics to a Spielberg war extravaganza…the jewish mindset of constant theatrical heroics is mind-numbingly childish.

That would be acceptable, I suppose…if you have a simple mind and you confine it to celluloid or pulp fiction. But when these precepts are actually acted upon is when it gets scary. Perhaps it’s the fact that the jews that start, fund and script actual conflicts don’t, as a rule, really participate in them as soldiers…that makes them seem so romantic to the yiddish brain.

I like to cruise over to JNN(jewish news network) every few days after I have absorbed the news from plausible sources, and look at their slant and spin. It is hilarious. Really! Try this…first get all sides of a story…say the Christmas day airline firecracker thingy for example, imagine how a zionist jew/screenwriter would pen it. Then go to JNN and watch the facts spin like a carnival ride. Report this…leave that out…interview this guy…disregard that one. To whom are they pandering?

I feel like the gifted child that has to sit through a rudimentary math class. Is the Amerikan public REALLY that gullible? Surely life itself has taught them that outside of a silly movie plot, things like that don’t really happen. Planes don’t knock down buildings…there are no good wars…and entire country cannot be “evil”(well, maybe one)…money does not disappear…and just because you say you aren’t killing children doesn’t mean it’s true.

It’s much like watching a really bad magician. Most of the audience sees the playing card in his sleeve, but out of politeness or just not caring, they endure the act.

In the firecracker incident there are several rabbits that aren’t really in the hat(if you care to notice). First, there are the “let’s roll” guys that jumped the terrorist(rhymes with CIA) immediately after the popping sound. People don’t react that way in emergencies….unless trained to do so…and DEFINITELY not that quickly. People panic and/or remain detached when something like this happens…scream or freeze…that’s about it. So the two “heroes” were obviously planted (wasn’t one of them reported to have been jewish?) Secondly, the lawyer and his wife had the REAL story about this incident which describes who got this patsy on the plane and the “plan B” guy that disappeared right before the mainstream media’s eyes. Abra-Cadabra!

But like any good movie script…we got our heroes..our jewish theatrics. and our new offensive into another country…Yemen. You think people really buy this shit?

Sometimes people amaze me…

If you are hungry for REAL heroics, watch this girl that has trained herself over and over and over again to talk violent numb-nuts cowardly jews out of killing children…


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