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Ding Dong the Witch is Dead…

Now this is guaranteed to lose me more readers…but, I gotta say it.
J.D. Salinger dead at 91. Why is it that the good die young and worthless members of the “tribe” seem to live on forever?

When I was growing up in the 50’s and 60’s there was a hella controversy going on about “Catcher in the Rye”, Salinger’s principle effort. Every snit of a librarian and what we would now call moral watchdogs, tried to get the book banned and put out of print.
For kids, this had the “banned in Boston” effect of underground popularity. Everyone kept a copy of it hidden somewhere, simply because we weren’t supposed to. I think I was maybe 14 when I first read it. I don’t remember my exact age, but I do remember it’s effect on me. It was all the DAR said it was and more. It had every slice of decadence that a kid could think of.
During all the brouhaha that it caused I remember also reading and he
aring a lot about teenagers committing suicide…and found with this tome clutched in their hands. For a while I put that down as a BS campaign to discredit this, the bible of the rebellious youth of the times.
Later on in college years I re-read the book and was astonished to realize what our parents were talking about concerning it.

Of course by today’s standards, on the face of it all, it seems a bit tame to have caused such an uproar. But if you examine the tale you begin to understand the horrible view of life Salinger’s protagonist had. You can also see why so many impressionable children were damaged by it. It wasn’t just the “sexy bits” of the book that was having such an effect upon it’s young readership, it was the gloomy, depressing outlook of the character that set the stage for many of the generation that read it.

I like to think of the book as the first truly jewish exposure that most kids of my generation received. I wish they had succeeded in getting it put out of print. Although I have never been a big fan of censorship, when kids are exposed to self-indulgent, morbid garbage like this, I have to think there may be some merit to book burning. Salinger said at the time in his defense that it was intended only for adult readers…but I gotta call bullshit on that. It was targeted toward young teens. An adult would find nothing of value there…or at least that I can see. There is nothing in the book that is at all positive, nothing that celebrates life in the least. Nothing hopeful. These are the natural emotions of mid-teens that should not be encouraged. And definitely not by some jew with little to no writing ability just for a buck and the notoriety that it brought him. The rest of his works…poetry..novels…mundane at best. Self-indulgence personified. Nothing of real value.

John Lennon dead at 40.

Of course also, I can’t help thinking, for the last 30 years…that had this jew not published that piece of shit , John Lennon may have lived. If you take the story as truth (although there is some debate as to whether Chapman really pulled the trigger), Mark Chapman, in his warped mind, killed Lennon because of that damned book. What price-jewish art?

So yeah…ding-dong-the witch is dead. And if I believed in a hell, I would wish that Salinger was there…reaping what he has sown. Good riddance, fucker.

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Inflatable Gods*

Wilhelm Marr’s book “The Victory of Judaism Over Germanism” was written in 1879. I have linked the PDF over on the left.

This work has been systematically banned ever since it’s first publication. But it’s premise is still with us today.

If you don’t feel like wading through a lot of archaic references and politics of the time, let me sum up the sentiments of the piece for you.
Marr worked as a journalist in Germany, and as well dabbled in social politics and philosophy. Although this work here is simple and to the point, it amazes the reader today by it’s observations and prophetic nature.
He begins with, what I consider to be a false premise, and that is that jews somehow have a “natural talent” inherent in their bloodline for economic craftiness. This he posits, along with an equally natural hatred for anything gentile, is what causes the mischief that he saw in his 19th century Germany. Then he goes on to say that the reason they have so much hatred for anything non-jewish, is because of the repression that they have always suffered under the hands of the goyim. Well, you can’t have it both ways…but I’ll forgive him that.
However, his prescient blueprint for jewish political and economic domination is astounding. He predicts not only the “event” of the Russian revolution of 1917, but more importantly, what would cause it. Now, excuse me….I have studied world history quite a bit. I am not an authority by any means, but without understanding the jewish political mind, I don’t feel that anyone could have foretold that event and it’s causes from 1879.

“Jewish, resilient, fly-by-night attitude will plunge Russia into a
revolution like the world might never have seen before. Social nihilism and
abstract individualism will be conjured up in such a way, that the only half
civilized Czarist Empire will be unable to resist.”

This man was not Nostradamus. He didn’t “see” the future…he understood it. Understood it as a plan that was only logical to those Germans of the time that were being censored in their own country by(another forecast of the future) the then jewish-owned press.
The language and the style of the piece could have been lifted from “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. Marr could have written that too. Although I am sure that as in every age, journalists tend to write in the style of the times. But the intent is there.

This work is a resignation to the jewry that he felt had conquered his Germany and also a warning to the future of the evils which befell them.
He understood the jewish drive to dominate, but of course underestimated the German resistance to it in later years, before both world wars. His descriptions of jewry’s take over of the press, entertainment and banking in those times amazes anyone that looks around today and sees the same situation in the western world, or “Occident” as he termed it.
He also foretold the modern situation with israel and the inability to criticize it or the zionist movement.

“Just try to comment upon Jewish rituals and statutes. You will find
that not even the Pope is more infallible and unimpeachable. To comment
upon their rituals is “hatred”, but if the Jew takes it upon himself to pronounce
the last word in our religious and state affairs, then it is quite a
different matter.”

He also makes a comment about something that has occurred to me many times. To rid a society of the scourge of judaism and it’s destructive nature, when it has become so ingrained would be quite a task. Because a culture would have to return to a morality and hence a lifestyle known only BEFORE such an influence was brought upon them. Social order normally doesn’t move backward in time….

“A sudden reversal is impossible if only for the reason that the entire
social structure, formed by Judaization, would collapse and no concept
exists to take its place and turn it into reality.”

There are many more points he makes that mirror current affairs, and I can see why this book has been banned.

*Homage to Chris Clarke’s “Incendiary Blog Post” The title has NOTHING to do with the post…;)

Out of the Loop, and that’s OK…

I am clueless. Or at least that’s how I feel most of the time. Doesn’t really bother me…it’s my own fault.

I think a LOT of it has to do with the TV culture of the past 20 years or so. I haven’t watched commercial television…since…oh…let me see…The Dick Van Dyke show? Shit. That’s a LONG time ago, huh? Not that it has hobbled me in any way that I can see, but then again…I am clueless.

I have noticed over the years a lot of phrases that have been creeping into our language from that box. I can always tell…they are too clever to be coming out of the mouths of the people that mouth them. Too clever or too crass. I have even found myself using them…don’t know where they really came from, but every once in a while they seem appropriate. They become jingles. That doesn’t matter. What matters I think, is the cultural shift that it represents.

But I also think of the time people waste in front of that thing…the joo-toob. As if this existence…this reality, is just a prelude to life and they have all that time to waste. What are they planning? To turn it off in their next life and actually live to their potential? I am not going to go into a McLuhan dissection of the social and philosophic implications of separate culture and all that. Just some observations from my point of view, of when this medium delivered it’s message.

Now I am going to give another clue to my age by saying that my family was among the first in our neighborhood to have one of those things. It presented some odd paradigms in those early years. We were cool on our block. We had a TV. For a very short while we could bask in the envy it produced. Which I guess was ok to bask in…if you were seven years old or so.
It was a big thing then to put the TV facing out a window of the house on a warm summer evening so that neighbors too could watch it as we all sat in lawn-chairs or on the grass. WOW! Think about that. Such a strange effort to MAKE this technology community oriented. To MAKE it part of the family, while also trying to enjoy life outdoors.
I remember one incident in which the whole family was gathered around that alter, watching…I dunno…Gunsmoke or something. My aunt and her family showed up for a visit, and instead of the warm greeting and jabbery catching-up that usually took place on such a visit…everyone but my father, said “shh shh…wait a minute” with their eyes still glued to the blueish screen.
I also remember the look on my dad’s face after he quickly crossed the room and banged the off knob of that piece of technology. “This is truly the devils tool” he said. “We should be ashamed of ourselves”…and something else about that “damned thing” I can’t remember. But you get the point. I did.

What happened to that mindset? Millions of mothers and fathers were being slapped in the face with this culture clash. Slapped hard. Stinging slaps about their children’s idleness surrounding it. About the social conventions that it interrupted or postponed indefinitely. It isn’t a slap anymore. It is the normal convention…and it won’t be interrupted.

Whenever someone starts a conversation with “..did you see that, last night…blah blah” I immediately know they are talking about something TV. Without malice or uppity-ness and as pleasantly as I can(I know the addict)I usually say “oh, I don’t watch TV”. They almost always say exactly the same thing…”Oh, I don’t watch it really either, I just saw this one thing…” , or something to that effect. It’s like watching a kid caught with their hands in the cookie-jar. Really. Try it. I guarantee this response. Why? If they know it isn’t the right thing to do…wasting their time like that. Then why do it? And if they do, why lie about it? Do they feel they are gaining something to which I couldn’t possibly be privy? No. I don’t think so. Their TV is like a retarded child which they would love to tell you anecdotes about, but once they learn you have no such backward children, they are embarrased. But invariably I hear these same people find someone else that DID see that “whatever” on TV last night, and you see them connect in a way that I cannot. I am out of the loop.
I meander over toward them unobtrusively and watch their conversation and a kind of glazed look comes over their faces, as if they are re-living a moment of pixel-flickers that had given them both a moment of …I dunno…pleasure?

It is spooky in it’s other-worldness. I think I’m gonna stay here. Out of the loop.


Why do I always expect more than directors nowadays seem to be able to give?

If you haven’t seen avatar…save your money, and if your bored some night…like I mean REALLY bored, and it’s finally made it to HBO or somewhere cheap…nah…not even then. You have seen it before…a million times.

I should have known that the director of Alien 2(jarheads in space) and Titanic, isn’t mentally capable of putting something on film that isn’t centered around that tired old “good vs evil and…the cavalry will come and save the day and the very last moment” shit. I mean haven’t we gotten beyond all that crap? Please? Anyone?

“Pay the rent” Pay the rent”…” but I can’t pay the rent” “I’ll pay the rent!”…oh brother.

This movie would have been perfect with just one cut. The last two hours. The animation idea was fabulous…real jaw-dropper for about the first 15 minutes of TOTAL screen saturation. Then my popcorn became more entertaining.
The whole idea of the symbiotic relationship between the plants, the planet and the people was a GREAT idea. Sigourney Weaver even set you up for something OTHER than just another movie with, like 7 hours(well, it seemed that long) of CG battle. But it was not to be. It could have been interesting…like maybe the symbiosis did not allow the entities within it to be harmed and we could have concentrated on something a bit more thought provoking than violence? Nothing cerebral about this one folks. Munch your popcorn and cheer the good guys…YEAH! I do like Cameron’s placement of the jew-like character in charge of the bad guys…but…I kept thinking about the money and effort wasted…as I often do with blockbusters like this. Do people really like this mundane junk? Aren’t they tired of movies that they can predict, down to almost the next line? Are there NO screenwriters left in this world?

Oh…nevermind. I just read the top two highest grossing movies of all time. Titanic…and this turd.

Maybe if I had seen it 3-D…yeah that’s it…it was probably a completely different story line. One that was as interesting as it promised…one that wasn’t as predictable as the price of the popcorn and drinks. …..$12.25

The Little Boy and the Rattlesnake…

The little boy was walking down a path and he came across a rattlesnake. The rattlesnake was getting old. He asked, “Please little boy, can you take me to the top of the mountain? I hope to see the sunset one last time before I die.” The little boy answered “No Mr. Rattlesnake. If I pick you up, you’ll bite me and I’ll die.” The rattlesnake said, “No, I promise. I won’t bite you. Just please take me up to the mountain.” The little boy thought about it and finally picked up that rattlesnake and took it close to his chest and carried it up to the top of the mountain.

They sat there and watched the sunset together. It was so beautiful. Then after sunset the rattlesnake turned to the little boy and asked, “Can I go home now? I am tired, and I am old.” The little boy picked up the rattlesnake and again took it to his chest and held it tightly and safely. He came all the way down the mountain holding the snake carefully and took it to his home to give him some food and a place to sleep. The next day the rattlesnake turned to the boy and asked, “Please little boy, will you take me back to my home now? It is time for me to leave this world, and I would like to be at my home now.” The little boy felt he had been safe all this time and the snake had kept his word, so he would take it home as asked.

He carefully picked up the snake, took it close to his chest, and carried him back to the woods, to his home to die. Just before he laid the rattlesnake down, the rattlesnake turned and bit him in the chest. The little boy cried out and threw the snake upon the ground. “Mr. Snake, why did you do that? Now I will surely die!” The rattlesnake looked up at him and grinned, “You knew what I was when you picked me up.”