The New World Order…and a Bean Supper

Illumi-what-us? Oh please. Freemasonry plotting a new world order? HAHAHA… I’m sorry…and I know this is going to lose me a lot of readers…but.

“I” was asked to join the Masons not long ago…ME. One of the come-ons besides a fancy gold de-coder ring was a free pass to the annual bean supper up in Hooterville. Yes, I live in the Mud-west of Amerika. This particular lodge was probably unaware that their order was planning a world-wide military take over to enslave the folks down at the Masonic Bingo Hall very soon. Damn…and they seemed like such nice old guys too!…tsk, tsk…who’da thunk?

I have noticed that all the megaphone screamers(Alex you know who you are) have now combined these mostly farmers and their little-boy secret club, with an ancient silly cult from, what? …the iron age? Now the two are in league to rule us all! No. R-e-a-l-l-y! The Illumi-whatsus and Jim down at the feed store!

It would seem that the Freemasons have a long history of terrorizing millions and the Illumi-who-who, well, there’s no telling just what THEY’RE gonna get up to. Like that camp where they all go and sacrafice a bottle of gin or two every summer, to their pagan god…I forget his name..(and after a fifth of gin, I’ll wager even his followers do too).

Why is it that seemingly intelligent people fall for this load of clap-trap while yiddish ponzi-schemers are stealing them blind and bankrupting the nation? While Palestinians are being ethnically cleansed from their own land and two major wars are killing and displacing millions…for israel… they follow a paid loudmouth over a cliff chasing some booga-booga cult. As the zionists say themselves…”we will wage war by deception”.

Folks!!!! They…the zionist jews…the REAL evil club… are right there in your face! They hold the mortgage on your house, they control what you think of as news and entertainment and they don’t give a shit about you! They pay off congress and Alex Jones and Mike Rivero and Amy Freakin-Goodman! And they DON’T have secret handshakes. What they DO have is an indoctrinated body of insanely greedy and power-hungry racist assholes. They murder people every day and the alternative news blogs are telling you the illumi-no-nos are secretly sacrificing goats!

Well…at least with the Freemasons…you will get a bean supper out of the deal. Hi-Ho.

Sometimes people amaze me...

“US President Barack Obama has signed the foreign aid budget law for 2010 which includes the granting of $2.775 billion in security aid to Israel.”


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