I Had a Friend…

Many people have asked me over the years, why I have so much vitriol for all things jewish.

There are three reasons. Firstly, I hate bullies. I feel that we have all been bullied enough by this tribe. I have only disdain for anyone that pushes their point of view with money, influence, lies and violence. Therein describes the history of this disgusting cult. The examples of this sordid behavior can be found anywhere by anyone that wishes to verify it. It has been non-stop for a few hundred years all over the planet, and though much effort has been expended by this band of miscreants to conceal jewish dealings throughout history, it is thinly veiled.

Secondly, I can’t stand lies. I never could. Don’t try to deceive me, it insults my intelligence…especially when the deceptions are so easily revealed for what they are.

Lastly, when I was a teenager I had a friend, much older than myself, that had lived an exceptionally eventful life…far beyond the common-place experiences I had under my belt at such a young age. He was German and had lived through some hellish times as a child during the first years of the second world war. About the time when I knew this man is when jews in America were just beginning to market their “holocaust” stories. Naturally having been cursed with a social conscience myself, I turned to him for first-hand accounts of this hidden history of devastation that had been visited upon the innocent jews in the war.

He was entirely forth-coming about his childhood memories and this is the gist of what he said: “we didn’t know”. When I showed him the coffee-table books of all the “death-camp” photos he said “how do you know all those bodies are jewish ones?” and “these bodies looked starved to me…not gassed or injured.”
His Mother had enlisted him in the Hitler Jungend and he had faded pictures of himself in his little uniform and told me how much it was like our boy-scouts and how fun it was.

“..And they say that all this horror was going on in Germany and Poland right under our noses?” he asked me. Over the next few years in our conversations, and as he became more and more skeptical about the whole holocaust movement, he told me that he too had lost a loved one in one of the “labor camps” during the war…his father.
He told me that his father had been arrested in Berlin early-on in the war and that at first his father’s letters home were almost daily. Then they dwindled to nothing and he and his Mother were eventually notified that he had died of a disease that was rampant in that particular camp. The camp was Bergen-Belsen.

In the last real conversation we had about this subject, he told me this: ” There’s one thing you have to understand about us jews…we can be very hurtfully deceitful when we want to be”…and “don’t believe everything you read about this…I was there, my father died there…I don’t believe any of this really happened the way they say.”

This made a huge impression on me then..and has remained thus in this age of the “holohoax” religion/cash-cow. He was a gentle soul and a good friend. Everything he told me has been borne out over the years in my study of the subject.


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