Don’t Take Nothin From Nobody..and The Value of Old Movies

Way back when….before they invented the holohoax…say pre-1960’s, American movies, on the whole, were a joy to watch. They entertained, they made us laugh, they made us think and they made sense. Our films were America thumbing it’s nose at the world. Their content was uniquely American and driven by box-office, which was driven by the country’s conscience. The world knew where we were coming from, by going down to their movie house on a Saturday evening and beholding what we valued above all.

Jews own hollyweird.

Everyone knows it. They always have, and unfortunately will continue to run it far into the future. Before the 60’s, and “shoa-business” though,(when these owners slowly began dictating to audiences what would draw the biggest box-office profits) hollyweird was a slave to common decency. We had established the Hayes code, but more often than not, the market itself drove the content of cinema. Every big movie had characters that you could like, or at least empathize with. Every one(with few exceptions) had a discernible plot and a morality consistent with middle America. Most all movies were of the “feel-good” genera. Of course there were exceptions…but the above were the rules. There were countless references to jews being nothing less than “saintly”…like commercials for the sponsors,… but these references, like so many magazine ads could be easily discarded while concentrating on the point of the films.
I miss these movies. I miss being truly entertained. Even though I wasn’t alive during the heyday of these films, I can revel in the long forgotten “one-ness” of those times as preserved on celluloid. Before we became addicted to the filthy and self-indulgent slice-of-life garbage…before we were so easily entertained by glitzy no-content wastes of the medium…we enjoyed a celebration of life on film. Now we can only look back in fondness or seek truly entertaining cinema from other countries where the amoral judaic influence is not so pervasive.

So of course, my advice is not to take it. Don’t patronize that with which you do not agree. There are plenty of old films available…look elsewhere for entertainment and the affirmation of your morality and let hollyweird drown in their profits…


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  1. YES!!Old movies DO have a certain appeal, don't they?? I think I was born during the wrong era … or I truly AM an Old Soul. How many young'ins nowadays even know the names Jimmy Durante or Marlene Dietrich, let alone putting a face to them. But rest assured … EVERYONE knows who the Jonas Brothers are … who ARE they anyway?

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