Fundamental Prejudice… or is Hate OK?

On the sad anniversary of the death of John Lennon…author of such great tunes as “Baby your a rich fag jew”, the following is dedicated.

Several people visiting my page have commented that they see it as just another hate-filled,
anti-semitic rant blog like thousands out there with nothing new to add and nothing positive to contribute.

Well, I would have to disagree with the last part of that observation, but let’s examine the first part.

I agree that I harbor a great deal of hatred toward the “ass-clowns” of this world. The fact that so many of these folks happen to be jewish is not a coincidence. Yes, when I hear or read that someone in the media is the offspring of “holocaust survivors”, or find that someone has changed their name from say, Zimmerman to Dylan or Leibowitz to Stewart…they are automatically on my bad side. I am not going to listen to them. Very little, if anything can rectify that. I don’t think I have missed much by following this policy. Maybe this is because of my age…or maybe I have just had enough….or both.

I believe that many decades into the future, if history is ever taught objectively, that the last 50 to 75 years will be known as “the age of the jew”. I don’t know how this age will turn out finally, but I can see the way it’s going. For my part, they have had their say. I don’t care to listen to anymore lies. I don’t feel compelled to take part in their disgusting entertainment, or hear their skewed arguments regarding anything. I have heard it for as long as I can remember. As they would say….enough already.

I could tell you that only three zionist conglomerates own virtually every media company in the US, and that jews control the economy of most of the world’s countries, but you probably already know that. What I will say is that they have had their chance and they blew it. If this is what they were working toward…this world of shit…then I would say it’s time to move on.
I could also tell you that organized jewry has been kicked out of the countries of the world 109 times. People, they weren’t banished for just standing around being jews. There were reasons, and if you just look around you today, you will see them. “The most persecuted people in the history of the world”, they say. I agree. Although it seems everyone that makes that statement, mis-pronounces and misspells that word…it’s “prosecuted”, not persecuted… BIG difference.

Is this jewish “culture” and the traits of which I speak, inherited? Of course not…it’s taught. When I was growing up with and around the homes of jewish kids it was obvious to me. There were jews and there were goyim. Never the twain shall meet. They were separate and unequal…and that was taught in their homes…never assimilate, but dominate. It is pervasive in kosher homes. The air of superiority in this phony-ass religion is disgusting at best, and is passed down from generation to generation.

Are there good jews? Of course. Jews are people(and as Bugs said: “you know what stinkers THEY can be”)…no better and no worse than anyone else. As with most problems of the world, it is how people are raised and what they are taught that makes them what they are.

So, yes I have a fundamental prejudice against the adherents to that ancient filthy cult, perhaps even more so than any other religion of the world. All religion sucks. Judaism wrote the book on it. I believe there is nothing wrong with this kind of “hatred” and here’s hoping for 110.


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  1. Well said. Though I haven't perused many "anti-semitic blogs", at least you are deliberate in argument and articulation. Superficial, hate-filled, anti-semitic Crap that merely raves on with nothing more than name-calling and general degradations without any attempt of explaining the bases for such rants are wastes of (fill in appropriate noun here).

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