Caution! Reading the entire contents of this page will transport you into the future. Please be prepared.


Ground Rules.
This will serve as a set of steadfast reference points to which my readers may want to return from time to time to clarify
any confusion brought about by my ravings. Look at these rules of engagement as a baseline set of explanations, as those that you might wish
“modern artists” would write down and hand out as you enter their gallery….”When I use a huge blob of orange
paint, it means suffering…when I make squiggly lines over a an old photograph it means my brother-in-law has big feet…” Things like that.
So as opposed to the concept of “what do YOU think it means?”, these tenets will help to fully explain the basis from which my opinions
spring. So if some of my allusions seem initially unclear…refer back to these instructions

1. I am a self-confessed anti-semite. Or, I should say I have been labeled such….because I do not recognize israel as anything more than a terrorist camp
inside a country that was once called Palestine. I am fed to the teeth with the jewish culture as it pervades all forms of media in this hell-hole of a country
in which I live. I am repulsed by most things amerikan and I blame the jewish culture for this. If you as a reader are not disgusted on a
daily basis…you are not paying attention. I reject the whole notion of the “holocaust”. It didn’t happen, and I like most people with the ability
for critical thought, am hella tired of the 24/7 out-pouring of propaganda and lies trying to prop up this dark jewish fairy tale.

2. Democracy is a scam.
This country is NOT a GOD DAMNED democracy! We are and always have been a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUPLIC! Say it with me: “I pledge allegiance
to the flag of the united snakes of amerika and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands”. Our founders warned us about becoming a democracy….anyone remember the Roman Empire? Democracy
is the rule of the mob….a mob that can be as easily swayed by scum-sucking politics as sheep can be herded by a mongrel. A republic is the rule of LAW as written in a CONSTITUTION! Any questions?

3. ALL religion is a scam.

4. ALL war is a scam

5. ALL monetary systems are scams…we don’t need them.

6. My dog’s face looks exactly like Buster Keaton.

7. I mourn the loss of John Lennon, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Rachel Corrie…constantly.

8. I use dot-dot-dot, dashes, quotation marks and sentence fragments A LOT. I think this is probably homage to past english teachers that always told me not to….or I see the written word as visually as e.e. cummings.

9. I expect this blog, when fully disseminated…to change the world as we know it….because…

10. I am god. And everyone and everything contained within the reality of this little planet is merely the creation of my rather vivid imagination.

That about covers the ground rules…so if you have any doubt about where I am coming from…refer back to these edicts….and your confusion will melt
away as butter on toast.


Let this serve as a warning. As this site continues, it will contain mild computer-generated violence, strong anti-semitism, caffeine-induced ranting and flaming, praise for the politically incorrect, no-holds-barred filth and a little fun thrown in. The fun will be stolen vids…music mostly. I take full responsibility for the content herein…if you can find me.